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newjediorder's Journal

The New Jedi Order
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The New Jedi Order is a roleplaying community created by yojimbo, mace_windu and a little fluffing by the gay Jedi ki_adi_mundi after suffering a terrible dictatorship of stupidity in the jediscouncil community.

We welcome Jedi and non-Jedi alike and unlike jediscouncil, this is NOT a council where everyone follows stupid orders of having to be a Jedi and getting padawans and stuff. We would like to have interaction between the members, and please read other member's posts so that you can avoid stupid continuity errors like what happened in jediscouncil. We do urge that in those events where interaction does take place that results in serious changes of character development that you contact people involved and work it out. If you need help with story or some decisions, contact yojimbo or mace_windu and we'd be happy to help the story progress with all parties.

Remember, we want to make this community fun, not strict, and definitely not too serious. Humor is always an added plus, because it's always more fun to laugh than it is to sit there and say "Man these people have waaay too much time and take things too seriously."

Fun is our goal. So please join.. and have fun!