GB2K (yojimbo) wrote in newjediorder,

Party at the Cabin!

Due to urges by that pansy ki_adi_mundi, there were be a party here at the Cabin Saturday evening. Hopefully by then, padmeamidala will be back with all the goodies she's shopping for. I strongly urge you to come before it gets dark, unless you want to fight off those flesh-eating trees. Maybe we'll be lucky and Ki Adi will get eaten.. BYOB! I cannot urge this enough. While we have a good amount of alcohol, some species' tolerance levels are much higher then the Jedi, so if you are going to drink heavily.. you better be packing your own drinks. Please respond if you intend to show.. there's nothing worse than ending up with just ki Adi playing spin the bottle.. I'm sure if Padme is there, that game will be much more fun.
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