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I am selling my FIRST item on my seller's EBAY!! This is a test item to feel out how i like selling and how good i can hget. also it will be an experience I can learn from..seeing how i can improve and the like. I would love for you all to bid on it, but i would more like you all to take a look and tell me what i maybe should and shouldn't be doing with my presentation! thanks!!

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hey i'm new

i wanna get into this roleplaying thing on here, but i don't know what to do...so any guidance would be great :)
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allo, allo. salutations and greetings. am i the only voice in the vastness?

*insert some lightsabery sounds*

*accidentally chops a coolant transfer pipe in half and steam begins spraying everywhere*

oops! sorry! sorry!

*runs about looking for something to lash it back together with*
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Hey! Over here!

...um yah. Could someone inform me where I might find some Duracell AA batteries on this silly planet? My portable CD player seems to have crapped out on me and I was stuck listening to elevator music on the ride up here - it's everywhere in this place. It's like they put little surround sound speakers in the potted plants, for chrissakes. Another five minutes of this stuff and I'm bound to go postal and start staring people down and end up getting my ass kicked.

And egads, if I could borrow one of those lightsaber thingies - do they take Cs or Ds? I've got some mean little bastards from a nightclub following me because I didn't ezacly have the credits to pay their bill, and I don't quite think a normal sword is going to work in this situation. Ehehehe...call my methods antiquated, but dammit, I either need some batteries or a place to hide. I mean, what's a girl to do?

-Lucianne the Traveller
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Ok mutha fuckas, listen up real good. I was watching "Retun of the Jedi" thanks to my Force ability to see movies my ass ain't in, and Leia said her real mom died when she very young...and Luke Skywalker and Leia are brotha an sista, and Amidala is their mamma. So what I fuckin wanna know is...WHO THE FUCK KILLS AMIDALA !? HUH !? Which one of you rat bastard fuckers caps that sweet fine hot ass mamma ? Huh ? Which one of you bitches is gonna get your ass stomped by my smooth black Jedi ass ? Speak up nigga, cause you gonna get yo ass stomped like the cracka bitch you is.
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Return of the Jedi


Hello kids, I'm Luke Skywalker, most well-known Jedi in the existance of anything ever. Saying hi, letting my presence known, hey what's goin' on, Zam? Salinia? Call me.

So I'm gonna go to the park with a dog, because I've seen hilarious romantic-comedies where the male meets the love interest because his dog did something zany and funny to attract her attention.

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