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Last night's party

didn't happen. padmeamidala hadn't returned from her shopping yet, and noone really wanted to play spin the bottle when it was only me, Mace and Ki Adi Mundi. The only person that doesn't normally live in the cabin that showed up was chewiewookie. Now I know he and Mace had been having heated discussion hereof late and I was frankly hiding in the corner when he burst in and started yammering about. He and Mace started yelling at each other, but then I cracked a joint out and they actually became friends and they both went out looking for Wookie bitches. That was the last I saw of Mace last night. He hasn't come back yet.. I hope the trees didn't eat him. So anyway.. Im just laying around the cabin watching Kodomo no Omocha.. waiting for padmeamidala to get back from shopping.. I have to pay her back for the Tekken Tag arcade.. big time.. *wink wink*.. Ki Adi has been in room all day.. I wonder what he's up to..
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